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For ten years MI Pro has been offering the UK’s musical instrument retailers the very best in business news, analysis, and opinion, as well as investigating and profiling Britain’s suppliers and manufacturers, thus giving the trade the panoramic perspective that is needed when following the trends of this fashion led industry.

More than that, MI Pro has also been the voice of the retailer, allowing comment and taking perspectives on hundreds of different businesses, whether multiple outlets, specialists, or single ‘mom and pop’ independents.MI Pro continues to be the first and last port of call when the UK’s MI trade needs information or opinion, and when suppliers need a route through to the retailer.

This is not a magazine simply for shop managers – this is a publication that goes out to the assistants and shop hands, as well as the technicians and educators.

On top of that, the magazine’s online presence and highly effective email newsletters reach out to MI businessmen and officials all over the world.

With specialist MI consumer magazines hitting less than five per cent of musicians, and musicians confirming that at least eight out of ten will buy from a MI retail store, MI Pro is also the best way of reaching the end user, too – through the retailer.

So whether manufacturing, supplying, or retailing, MI Pro is the most influential conduit for your message you will ever find.

There is no better way to get your trade message across. There is only one MI Pro – beware imitations.


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