how to use cctv to your advantage

Use the Freedom of Information Act to your Advantage like this band

Did you know that the average Londoner is recorded on film around 300 times a day?

This is because of the amount of CCTV cameras that are positioned about the city.

But it’s not just Londoners that are being watched. Throughout the UK and especially in main cities, CCTV has taken over to track movements, which has helped aid crime detection and find missing people.

But it’s not just police and government departments that are finding CCTV installations useful, business owners and homeowners are taking advantage of advanced tech companies, who have created CCTV systems that detect even the smallest of movements in the dark.

However, Manchester band The Get Out Clause, have used their wits to use this technology to their advantage in the music world. 

See how this band took advantage of CCTV software to blow up their online presence

The Get Out Clause to get their name out into the world had decided on a very unique and creative to do this.

Deciding to put the use of their home town’s security cameras to good use for their debuting single ‘Paper’ by using a series of spy cams across the city to film their music video. How amazing is that?

But how did they get this video footage? This is where it gets interesting…

Under the Freedom of Information Act, they were able to demand the film footage, which allowed them to obtain these CCTV video clips that they edited together to create a promotional video.

Take a look at the video here:

Impressive results

In a short space of time, The Get Out Clause had very cleverly received over 158,000 views on the YouTube video, which was even picked up by major press like Sky, the BBC, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun.

See their online coverage here:

This also helped them reach fan bases from around the world, as far as Japan, Australia, Canada and the USA.

And whilst, the band today is not a household name and the single was not a number one hit, it has shown, however, how you gain market and gain traction in creative ways to promote your music to new and diverse audiences.

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